How Topical Acne Treatments Help You

Topical acne treatments works in several different mechanisms to help you ultimately get rid of your acne forever. Well, that’s actually only partly true because after clearing out acne, you might go right to relapse if you do not have maintenance meds or if you are not careful with your lifestyle.
But anyway, here are examples of over the counter topical acne medications We are not talking about brands here but rather the active ingredients that you should find in acne products. One very common active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. This inhibits the growth of bacteria in the outside as well as control the oil production. You will a little sting and itchiness right after applyin it to the affected area. But this of course is just a normal and temporary things. If you apply it directly to your pimple before going to bed, you should notice that your bump is now all dried out and you see a significant decrease in your bump’s redness and swelling.

Another one common active ingredient in most acne products is salicylic acid. It basically does the same thing. When absorbed in the skin, it targets the materials including sebum, dirt and dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. When these materials are pushed out the pores causing the bump, the pores are left open. The bacteria that seeps in can only make your bump look and feel a lot worse. These benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid containing acne products can work better in combination with sulfur, so you might want to look for a product that has both.

For some people who do not believe in the efficiency of topical products because of the fact that it has never worked for them, they should consider seeking advice from a skin doctor. These doctors might use a different approach like combining the use of topical products and taking oral medications such as antibiotics, tretinoin, or even birth control pills. Again, the approach or treatment one should use is based on the type of skin and the severity of acne.